Can a foreign pilot meet his citizenship residence requirement if he flies international routes?

Lufthansa Pilot Strike Spreads To Long-Haul Lufthansa Pilot Strike Spreads To Long-Haul March 19, Lufthansa pilots started a walkout on the airline’s long-haul flights on Thursday, the second of three days of strike action, aiming to pressure management in a row over early retirement benefits and cost-cutting efforts. Lufthansa has cancelled 84 of its planned long-haul flights for Thursday, affecting 18, passengers, a spokesman said. Pilots at its cargo arm are also on strike but Lufthansa said it was able to carry out all planned cargo flights using volunteer pilots or shifting times slightly. Late on Wednesday night, pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit VC said they were extending the strike action to Friday, this time on short and medium-haul flights at Lufthansa. Neither side shows any sign of backing down, and industry watchers say the row has the potential to run for a long time. The pilots said Lufthansa was trying to erode the qualities that had made it into a successful global airline. Lufthansa responded by saying the pilots were damaging a reputation that had taken years to build. The row involves early retirement benefits that VC wants to keep but which Lufthansa wants to change for new starters.

The truth about being a flight attendant

A 15 hour flight would have 4 pilots who are all in the flightdeck for takeoff and landing but then divide roughly 14 hours of cruising time into equal rest breaks. Typically 2 pilots will be paired together and take breaks at the same time. At some airlines they would have 2 pilots take a 7 hour break and then switch off.

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My life as a pilot’s wife Monday, 25 May Don’t marry an airline pilot The other day, I came across this entry on a blog by the ubiquitous David Learmount, Editor of Flight International and general rent-an-aviation-expert for any newspaper or news programme you care to mention. I don’t generally find myself agreeing with a lot of what he has to say, but this did ring true: That may not be new, but it’s particularly true as the downturn bites.

Ideally, pilots should have no family ties beyond mum and dad. If they acquire a family en route, every member of it has to be incredibly tolerant of the pilot’s chosen lifestyle. The best way to get through your pilot training and the first few years of employment is to be single, no doubt about it. Of course, many relationships DO survive this period ours, for one but it’s a tremendously difficult time, and not one we care to remember.

Many relationships failed during my husband’s ATPL training, for a number of reasons: You get the picture. Then, even if a job does come up, it’s usually low paid, and could in fact be anywhere in the world! I remember my husband applying for jobs in India and the Far East. Luckily for us it never came to that, although of course we have now had to make the move anyway, although thankfully later on in his career when he had enough hours to secure a job with a serious, legacy airline.

I feel we’ve both discovered a bit of our “gypsy soul” in the last few months.

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Distinctions Absolute distance versus flight length Airline routes between San Francisco and Tokyo following the most direct great circle top westward, and following a longer-distance jet stream route bottom when heading eastward A flight is typically planned to follow a direct route wherever possible to minimise flight length. For long-haul flights, the most direct route follows a great circle along the diameter of the Earth.

For example, aircraft travelling westward between continents in the northern hemisphere often follow paths extending northward near or into the Arctic region.

First, for most long-haul flights, the total flight time is beyond one crew’s daily maximum allowance (which is usually 8 hours in any hour period; a flight from Sydney to DFW can exceed 16 hours so two crews and additional compensatory rest periods for all crewmen are .

The crew of a container ship at the centre of New Zealand’s biggest cocaine bust crossed the Pacific unaware of the multimillion dollar stash attached to their vessel’s hull by smugglers. It is the largest cocaine bust in the country’s history and comes after a five month operation by Police and Customs. Matt Shand Police Assistant Commissioner: The cache was then moved to a Tauranga location for distribution but every move made by the alleged offenders was watched by police.

Their wait was rewarded with the arrest of Two Australian men, a Croatian aged in their mid-forties, and one Serbian national in his mid-thirties. A large amount of cash, thought to be from a previous importation of 30kg of cocaine, was also found. The charge carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. Assistant Commissioner Investigations Richard Chambers said the the bust was good news for the community. While the drugs may be off the streets the police work is far from complete with the focus moving to other smuggles of Class A drugs and the money laundering that supports the illegal trade.

What pilots actually do on long-haul flights

In response to this, the Post Office has compiled data on which cities are the most affordable for British travellers. Bangkok, Tokyo and Beijing were named best value, while those on a budget should steer clear of North America. The survey considered the total cost of 11 common holiday purchases, including meals, airport transfers, sightseeing and four-star accommodation, in 10 popular cities at least six hours from the UK.

At a glance Which long-haul city break is cheapest?

When we first started dating he wasn’t a pilot so hanging out and doing things together was a lot easier and now he is gone for days at a time. I totally get sad when he is gone for long .

Airbus The airline industry is always looking for improvement, and every few years international agreements, new safety and operational rules, and technological advancements result in challenging competition. Deregulation improved the tools necessary to manage the fuel price instability, which serves as a constant catalyst for change and innovation. Economical, Long-Range, Single-Aisle Airplanes The delivery of modern and more economical long-range, single-aisle airplanes is reshaping the networks, in particular, the Airbus neo family and the Boeing MAX family.

In the near future, these airplanes will be able to fly up to 4, nautical miles, easily crossing the North Atlantic. The 3, nautical miles flight between Brasilia and Orlando is expected to take between 7 hours and minutes to 8 hours and 15 minutes, a duration normally covered by widebody aircraft. Aerolineas Argentinas is already operating a Buenos Aires to Punta Cana flight with the Boeing MAX 8 with a flight duration between 7-hours minutes and 7-hours minutes according to FlightRadar24 data.

New Airplanes, New Markets The development of improved single-aisle airplanes with more efficient engines has created a completely new competitive environment for airlines. Destinations that were previously unfeasible can now become profitable routes.

4 Most Important Ways To Prevent Divorce (From Couples Married A LONG Time)

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Dating a long haul pilot Pilto part of the Codependent dance. He married very young the first time, admitted to his mistakes, and told me that part of his life was over. It’s amazing how I’ve seen my husband act after telling me for over 20 years that we were equal partners. If he cheats with you, why don’t you think he’ll cheat on you. I would think that my househusband would have just as much opportunity since I’m away from the house all day.

As far as cheating, it depends on their moral values. I was married for 22 years to one and dated another one four a couple of years until I figured it out. And I felt so stupid for thinking he was different. The reason I don’t trust him dating a long haul pilot deeper than me discovering he had an affair. I work out the performance for each runway in terms of how much tailwind we can take at our estimated landing weight and what setting hail the auto brake we can use with either idle, partial or full reverse.

It was over 3 yrs of my life stolen. He will lose his very admired and prominent status in our community, the love of his wife, the idolization of his children.

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Michael Smith flies his Southern Sun plane over an ice flow, Greenland. He “Huck Finned” the entire length of the Mississippi River, tying up to trees and sleeping nights bobbing on the river. To ensure he didn’t ice up during an all-night flight from the Aleutian Islands to Japan, he skimmed along at m — not much higher than Melbourne’s Eureka Tower — the moon shining on the water below.

May 25,  · Ideally, pilots should have no family ties beyond mum and dad. If they acquire a family en route, every member of it has to be incredibly tolerant of the pilot’s chosen lifestyle. “I have to agree. The best way to get through your pilot training and the first .

DE has canceled hundreds of flights scheduled for Wednesday and will also be forced to ground planes on Thursday as its pilots plan a hour walkout, the latest threat of disruption to its operations in a long-running pay dispute. Lufthansa Check-in machines are pictured in Frankfurt airport, Germany, March 17, Picture taken with a long exposure.

The strike is the 14th to hit the airline in its row with the Vereinigung Cockpit VC union and the airline said it has canceled of roughly 3, flights scheduled for Wednesday, affecting about , passengers. Lufthansa was seeking to prevent the strike going ahead late on Tuesday after a Frankfurt labor court earlier rejected its application for an injunction.

Related Coverage Strike at Lufthansa to cost high single-digit million euro amount a day: The planned Wednesday strike will run from midnight and affect short-haul and long-haul flights departing from German airports.

New search for long-lost Irish World War II pilot to begin – VIDEO

Video aboard Qatar Airways. Do we know for absolutely sure that it was the captain who told his already-afraid occupants to pray, or was it a male member of the cabin crew? And what was the tone and inflection?

Mostly, the workload is low. We’ll eat, drink coffee, complain about the Company and union contract, talk about common interests, read the free newspaper from the layover hotel, do crosswords/sudoku/candy crush, etc., just killing time.

But Flight Lieutenant Chris Ball never dreamed his handlebar moustache would get him trouble with the U. Air Force rules, moustaches should not extend downwards beyond the upper lip or sideways beyond the corner of the mouth. However, there are no rules on how wide it can be. So after an ‘exchange of views’ with the General, the pilot managed to escape a session-with a razor. He is currently based in Afghanistan, where he is flying an F fighter targeting Taliban strongholds in the mountainous region near Kabul.

If anything happens on the ground, we are there fast. I love the GR4 but this beast is about 50 per cent bigger and armed to the teeth. It is a truly phenomenal plane. Handlebar moustaches such as the one worn by Flt Lt Ball are something of a tradition in the Air Force, with the luxuriant facial hair of Gulf War hero Pablo Mason becoming his trademark. The Ministry of Defence yesterday said juggling the UK’s military regulations with those of foreign forces during exchanges could be ‘tricky’.

But attire, facial hair and discipline would follow RAF rules.

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