EastEnders spoilers: Jacqueline Jossa REPLACED by original Lauren Branning – …

He made his first appearance on 29 October The character was introduced to the show during a period when EastEnders was being routinely criticised in the media for its reliance on resurrecting old characters. The casting of Scott Maslen provoked some controversy, being the first time an actor had been poached from one mainstream soap to another. It was quickly established that Jack is a morally ambiguous character, with a murky past in the police force resulting in the paralysis of his young daughter. Tabloid media have praised the character for his role as resident Romeo, commenting frequently on his good looks and attractiveness, although broadsheet press have been more critical of Maslen’s acting. Maslen took a three-month break from the role in October to participate in the series of Strictly Come Dancing , returning in January Maslen made an indefinite departure from the role on 15 October after six years on the show. Maslen returned to filming during the same month and Jack returned on-screen on 1 March Having grown up in a large family in a poor area of East London, Jack regularly fought his older brother, Max, for the attentions of his father who was an alcoholic. He was very close friends with Michael Moon , another local East End boy and went to school with him, and had a closer relationship with him than he did with his brothers.

Dark times ahead for EastEnders’ Lauren Branning

Because if he was describing himself to you, that’s what he’d try to figure out. He’s whatever you want him to be What you see is what you get Joey Branning So don’t fall for his charm. Well you and the rest of us.

EastEnders spoilers: Jacqueline Jossa REPLACED by original Lauren Branning – did you see? -.

Willy II Phil doesn’t suffer fools gladly. He punches first, and thinks later. Don’t mess with this East End hard nut Originally a nicer guy, he was conned by so many people he eventually took on a crime boss mantle as a way to get revenge on the world. It’s a reflection of his ability to cover his tracks, silence witnesses, and of his trusted briefs’ knowledge of legal loopholes that Phil’s only been in prison a few times.

But though he’s untouchable as the guvnor of Albert Square, he does have an Achilles heel – family. Being a Mitchell means everything to Phil. He and brother Grant ruled the Square, while grand matriarch Peggy looked on proudly. Not to mention his son and daughter – Ben and Louise. But the trouble with family is, they let you down. Phil and Grant had a tempestuous relationship.

Jack Branning

In what is already being dubbed the ‘most explosive’ Christmas episode ever of the BBC soap, viewers watched in panic as the Branning sisters plunged to their doom. Abi and Lauren, who are being written out of EastEnders after more than a decade, showed no signs of waking up as their distraught parents looked on. EastEnders bosses pulled all the stops to give Lorna Fitzgerald and Jacqueline Jossa a spectacular exit – which saw the actresses complete a “terrifying” stunt under extreme conditions.

A gust of wind blew the girls from the Queen Vic roof Image: BBC The dramatic stunt was ‘terrifying’ Image: BBC Both the Branning sisters were flung from the roof of the Queen Vic in heartbreaking scenes which left viewers in tears.

7 times soaps admitted other soaps exist, from Dot Branning’s Corrie addiction to Adam Barlow watching Home and Away. Mind. Blown.

London River is resting on her bed, lost in a book, when her step-daughter, Jill Kassidy , shyly lets herself into the room. She joins her step-mother on the bed and asks if London remembers that she said Jill could talk to her about anything? This gets London’s full attention as she sits close to Jill, concern on her face. Of course she remembers! London’s not prepared when Jill starts off by saying she had a first date with a girl.

However, she recovers quickly as Jill admits that she pushed her date away when it came time for a goodnight kiss. She’s never kissed anyone before, so she got scared.

Revealed: The REAL reason Jo Joyner left EastEnders

She first appeared on 3 July played by Madeline Duggan , was absent from 23 June to 27 September , and returned as played by Jacqueline Jossa. In August , Jossa announced that she was expecting her first child. Lauren made a permanent return on 27 May In September , it was announced that Jossa and Lorna Fitzgerald , who plays Lauren’s sister Abi , had been axed by executive consultant John Yorke , with both characters expected to depart during Christmas.

Lauren burns the footage onto a DVD, which is played on Christmas Day, exposing Max and Stacey’s affair to the Brannings, and resulting in the breakdown of Lauren’s parents’ marriage. Originally romantically involved with Peter Beale Thomas Law , her best friend Lucy Beale ‘s Melissa Suffield twin brother, Max disapproves of their relationship, and after ordering Peter to end the romance, throttles him after he retaliates when they have a secret meeting in the cafe.

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Dan Osborne, 23, and Jacqueline Jossa, 21, who have been officially dating for several months, confirmed their happy baby news on Friday 15th August. In a statement released by Dan’s management, he said: Becoming a father has been the most amazing thing to ever happen to me. We’ve taken a look at her character’s current arc – and taken a look at some of the possibilities… 1 Lauren Branning goes to prison Did Lauren Branning murder Lucy Beale? According to our timeline, Jacqueline Jossa will be giving birth sometime around February – just in time for the show’s 30th anniversary celebrations and the conclusion to the ‘who killed Lucy Beale?

Does that mean Lauren could be heading to prison for the murder of her BFF?

EastEnders star Jacqueline Jossa, who plays Lauren Branning, spotted in Sheerness and Queenborough

Hatchard’s casting was announced on 21 January , while the character has previously been mentioned by members of his on-screen family. It’s an honour to have the chance to share the camera with such talented actors and I can’t wait to get cracking and join the Carter family. On 21 August , it was announced that Hatchard had been axed by the new executive producer Sean O’Connor and would be leaving the soap after completing his three-year contract.

Three months later, his father Mick visits Stan Carter Timothy West , Mick’s grandfather but before he can reach the flat he is punched by an unknown youth, and afterwards Mick discloses to Max Branning Jake Wood that he believes that the man was his son, Lee.

Lauren Branning’s wiki: Lauren Branning is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders. She first appeared on 3 July played by Madeline Duggan, was absent from 23 June to 27 September , and returned as played by Jacqueline Jossa.

Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email It’s a busy, busy week for the residents of Walford this week as the nation finally find out who killed Lucy Beale. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, EastEnders is set to reveal the answer to the question which has been on our lips for months now: EastEnders love a good whodunnit, following the success of the Who Shot Phil?

The clues – Lucy’s body is discovered by a young girl walking with her grandfather on Walford Common. The cause of death was a deliberate head injury. The lack of blood on the Common means Lucy was murdered elsewhere and dumped there. Her purse and phone were also missing. Who killed Lucy Beale? He recognises the handwriting and confronts the writer who is Whitney, who declares that Lucy had been relentlessly cyber-bullying her about her weight and appearance, and that she hated Lucy.

Tamwar agrees not to say anything. Whitney Dean – When Lee Carter returns to Walford, he tells his family that he saw Billy arguing with Lucy on the night she was murdered.

National News

If I told you I would have to kill you Posts 16, Thanked: In real life, things are looking brighter for Jacqueline Jossa, who plays Lauren, as she has secured her first major recognition for her EastEnders role. The year-old is in the running for ‘Best Newcomer’ at the National Television Awards, which will take place in London on January It’s really nice to get some recognition and to feel part of it all.

I’m very happy to be nominated. It would mean a lot to my family, and for me it would be a real honour.

EastEnders Lauren Branning: Lauren’s whereabouts have been revealed [BBC]EastEnders favourites Lauren Branning and Peter Beale may have reunited, after actress Jacqueline Jossa’s exit from the BBC bowed out of Walford with son Louie after nearly dying in an accident on Christmas Day, which claimed the life of sister Abi Branning revealed where daughter Lauren .

Romantically involved with Peter Beale Thomas Law , Max disapproves of their relationship and demands Peter end the romance but ends up throttling him when they meet secretly in the cafe. Shortly after, Max is left comatose, following a hit-and-run. It is revealed that Lauren is responsible but Tanya confesses to the crime and is imprisoned, pleading guilty to attempted murder.

This distresses Lauren who confesses to the police and is found guilty of GBH with intent , and is sentenced to two years under supervision. When Tony’s paedophilia is revealed, Lauren is shocked to learn about his intentions. Unnerved, Lauren dumps Peter, who tells his friends that he and Lauren had a sexual experience in the allotments.

However, the couple plan a reunion and Lauren tells him she is ready to have sex, but Max bans them from seeing each other. Lauren leaves Walford when the extent of Max’s debt is revealed by bailiffs who remove the family’s possessions. She attends Bradley’s funeral after he falls from the roof of The Queen Victoria pub The Vic , while attempting to evade arrest by the police for the murder of Archie Mitchell Larry Lamb. After attending Abi’s birthday dinner, Lauren informs her father that she is going to spend the summer at a summer camp in the United States.

Lauren now played by Jacqueline Jossa returns from America earlier than expected, after being expelled from school for smoking cannabis. She reveals that she has a new boyfriend, Edward Brooks Luke Striffler , but they split up because of the distance. Lauren attends her cousin Billie Jackson ‘s Devon Anderson birthday party and as a present, she gives him alcohol and he is found dead of alcohol poisoning the next morning.

Lauren suspects that Max killed Archie after he tells her that Bradley was not the culprit and she notes his violent tendencies when he confronts Jay Brown Jamie Borthwick for making crude sexual remarks after she rejects his attempt to proposition her.

Abi Branning

Just me go Max! At least Lauren and Abi opened his presents — before they died – and he managed to break the record for the most desperate, depressing, Christmas in the history of Walford. No mean feat considering the quality — or misery — of his predecessors. Christmas Day had started so well too. Eventually her wings flapped faster and faster the more passionate their lovemaking on the living room carpet became.

Jack Branning is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Scott made his first appearance on 29 October He is the youngest child of Jim and Reenie Branning and the brother of April Branning, Carol Jackson, Derek Branning, Suzy Branning and Max character was introduced to the show during a period when EastEnders was being routinely.

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get soaps updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email EastEnders fan-favourite Peter Beale has been secretly recast and is set for a shocking comeback, according to these obvious clues. Ben walked away from the show at the end of last year when his character fled to New Zealand with his girlfriend Lauren Branning and their baby following the revelation his step-brother Bobby Eliot Carrington had brutally killed his twin sister Lucy Hetti Bywater the year before.

Just days after stepping off the soap set, Ben managed to bag himself the role of Angel in the new movie X-Men: Apocalypse alongside the likes of Jennifer Lawrence. But now – as Hardy’s career goes from strength to strength on the big screen – Peter could be making a sensational small screen return Will we see a new Peter Beale?

BBC Peter Beale to return? Last week the new mother argued with boyfriend Steven about Peter’s son Louie, after it was revealed that Lauren sent him a video of their baby’s first words. Then Steven revealed a secret that Peter had been stealing money from the family and that he’s “gone out of control”. Adding that she’d “never love anybody” like she loved Peter.

Eastenders 2017 Lauren & josh spend some time together

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