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Submit Can we all just agree with my statement here — why the fucking fuck are the royals still insisting on holding to the tradition of wearing hats and fascinators to a royal wedding. Sure, in I bet it looked fucking great. See, people are for the most part very bad at fashion. Especially British people of the upper class — they do not know how to dress. I was so offended by the bad hats I decided to write an entire story about it, here it is, enjoy. This is a giant maroon poo and you cannot tell me otherwise.

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 · Dating back from the ’s when they could be only bought at truck stops and were used only by truck drivers and workers on the field; truck hats nowadays can be easily found in every shop and also have wider ://

My parents were out, so I answered the phone myself. The connection wasn’t good. Some man said he was calling from Cuba, and his name was Hemingway. I was still reading the Hardy Boys. I was ten years old. You’re going to be good at it, so let me tell you what I want. When you’re ready, make it for me. Hell, I don’t even want it to look new. It should look like it’s been somewhere, like it has stories to tell.

Teardrop-shaped island in the top. When you block it, go easy. I don’t want it all crisp and ironed looking. Don’t worry about it.

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Continue reading the main story It is not alone. There are also heated sock liners, complete with a battery strap that seems disconcertingly like an ankle bracelet Lindsay Lohan might wear. Their clothes have silver threads woven into the fabric that, when hooked up to a battery pack, create a current that runs along the threads and into the clothes.

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Australian Light Horse troops wearing slouch hats, November The slouch hat was first worn by military forces in Australia in when the newly created Victorian Mounted Rifles adopted the hat as part of their uniform after their commanding officer, Thomas Price , had seen them worn by police in Burma. They agreed that all Australian Forces with the exception of the Artillery would wear the slouch hat.

It was to be looped up on one side—Victoria and Tasmania on the right and the other colonies later states on the left. It is also worn in some units as general duty dress. When worn for ceremonial purposes, the “Grade 1” Slouch hat is worn with a seven-band puggaree , six of which represent the states of Australia while the seventh represents its territories of Australia. When worn for general duties, the “Grade 2” Slouch hat is worn with the left brim down and the Rising Sun badge removed.

They also wear the chin strap of the hat the opposite way around from that of the rest of the Army, as the first commandant of the college, William Throsby Bridges , was mortally wounded at Gallipoli while wearing his slouch hat in this fashion. This is a reference to a practice dating from World War 1, where Light Horsemen would chase down emus and steal their feathers to mount in their hat as a mark of their riding skill.

Removing all badges as well as the puggaree removes the hat’s status as uniform and it may be worn with civilian dress. In all cases the puggaree is khaki-green-khaki, the original Mounted Rifles puggaree, with only the badge denoting the wearer’s Regimental affiliation. It was originally reintroduced for wear by Queen Alexandra’s Mounted Rifles in the mid s, but in its issue was broadened to all Corps for wear with working dress influenced by such use by QAMR as well as with service dress.

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April 14, at 9: After a cosmetic procedure about 10 years ago, to remove wrinkles my doctor recommended that I wear a sunhat to prevent brown spots from developing on my face. A woman is absolutely allowed to wear a small-brimmed hat at a dinner function or at a restaurant.

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This will be my fifth time as a guest at a wedding in France, my sixth French wedding if we include my own. As a bride, I wore the more traditional veil. This Bertrand Celce photography weekend, then, marks a noteworthy moment in my progress toward Becoming Madame. Just to give you an idea: Along with this large family come certain rules of conduct and family traditions.

Another rule is that single members of the family — that is, those who are not engaged or married, come unaccompanied. Some rebellious members of the family see this tradition as a remnant of familial control that is no longer, or should no longer, apply.

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Share this article Share So good did the equine models look in the hats, milliner Rosie Olivia, who described the shoot as ‘brilliantly bizarre’, said the horses would be in with an excellent chance of triumphing in the style stakes come Ladies’ Day on Friday. A disgruntled looking equine model sports a floppy straw number enlivened with pheasant feathers Glossy: A Dartmoor pony swaps the field for the catwalk in an elaborate pink floral fascinator Not too keen: This horse appears distinctly unamused with the feather and straw creation perched on his head Sparkling: This glossy chestnut model looks lovely in his gold glittering fascinator topped with a lime bow The unusual photo shoot was the brainchild of local portrait company Venture Photography, which set up a mobile studio at the Red House Stables in Warrington, Cheshire, where the shoot took place.

The cherry red fascinator topped with elegant black feathers looks lovely on this bay horse Stylish: This horse and his elaborate straw and pheasant feather hat are set to triumph in the style stakes Share or comment on this article: Horses wearing hats by milliner Rosie Olivia for unusual photo shoot.

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Stone, Army Uniform Board headgear task force president. Plus a Stetson is functional and down right American. The Stetson actually completes the look. In a surprise move representatives from Forts Bragg, Campbell and several undisclosed forward locations around the world pushed the vote for the Stetson to a head. Representatives from various garrison activities and the Human Resources Command tried in vain to keep the beret, citing the cache it brings to wearers as well as practicality.

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May 15, by Charles Henry Wolfenbloode Most recent update: George Dunnage a master hatter from Middlesex is credited to have introduced the hat to Britain around Regardless of its origins, the top hat had gained popularity and by the Regency Period, it was de rigueur for everyday wear for the English gentleman who would eventually be the only ones in the world who would still wear and value the hat long after all other foreigners have abandoned its use, even for formal dress that required it.

Indeed, a gentleman would risk being spat at in the street if he did not wear a hat in the past! Fred Astaire wears a silk plush topper whilst the men in the background wear silk grosgrain opera hats. The more elegant and proper way is to wear it dead straight, especially in formal settings.

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